School History

Stone-Robinson Elementary School was created in 1961 when two smaller schools were consolidated. Overton was a two-room school housing grades 1-5, and Cismont was a larger school containing grades 1-7.

A committee of citizens met to select a name for the new school. After much discussion, it was agreed that the school would be named for both Mary L. Stone and Rev. Leslie Robinson. Mrs. Stone was the matriarch of the Stone family of Morvens' Farm, on which the Overton School was located. She frequently shared Morvens' lovely gardens with the teachers and children, and had an ongoing interest in and warm relationship with the small school.

Rev. Robinson was the rector at Grace Church for many years. He took a great interest in the Cismont School, and visited there regularly for many years. He was a great benefactor to all in the community.

On a snowy day in January of 1961, children and teachers from Cismont and Overton moved into their new school. The total enrollment was less than 200. Mrs. Anna Watson from the Cismont School served as the first principal and as a teacher. Ms. Mary Robinson, Principal of Overton, came to Stone-Robinson as a teacher, along with 6 other teachers from the two schools.

Mrs. Watson stayed as principal until 1965. Other principals who have since served the school are Mr. Clarence McClure (1965-1969), Mr. Tom Cox (1969-1979), Mr. Charlie Simmons (1979-1991), Dr. Juliet Jennings (1991-1994), Dr. Laurie McCullough (1994-2001), Mrs. Ashby Kindler (2001-2010), Dr. Nicholas King (2010-2015), Kristen Williams (2015-2019), Mark Green (2019-2021), Angela Stokes (2021-2023), and Leslie Wills-Taylor (2023 - present).

Stone-Robinson has grown over the years to a population of about 500 students and a staff of over 60. We continue to serve the attendance areas in the eastern portion of Albemarle County, as well as parts of the urban ring east of Charlottesville.